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Logistics Management

Operations at Paragon Tempered Glass move quickly. To ensure that the right people have the right materials at the right time, we are disciplined about both in-bound and out-bound material logistics.


Paragon Tempered Glass maintains an extensive selection of raw flat glass and select finished product to enable rapid reactions to changing customer demands. 

Raw glass is purchased from internationally renowned suppliers who comply with our stringent material specifications. Suppliers provide material certifications for each in-bound shipment so that we can certify compliance with the quality requirements of our customers.


To ensure that our glass looks as good in your finished product as it did when it left our furnace, Paragon Tempered Glass strives to understand your delivery requirements so that we may specify the appropriate packaging. Paragon Tempered Glass offers a variety of options; the most common being “L Buck” metal racks and both stock and custom-made wooden crates. Within this outer packaging, you may select from multiple options (e.g., powder, paper and foam) for interleaving between glass pieces to prevent damage. We also can apply Laminated Poly Coat (LPC) on both sides of the glass to guard against the hazards that arise in transit or in storage at your facility. In addition, Paragon Tempered Glass can provide secure packaging to meet international export requirements.


Our job is not complete until the finished product arrives at your facility. For this reason, we provide a variety of customizable modes for shipping product to you. Whether arranging truckload or less-than-truckload quantities with common carriers, or using our captive in-house fleet, we ensure that you receive your glass on-time, intact, and ready to go directly to your production line.

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