CNC Edging

custom edging tempered glass
tempered glass edging capabilities

CNC Edging

State-of-the-art machines grind and polish shapes of all kinds quickly and precisely. Multiple tool machinery allows one station to do the work of two or three, allowing for more efficient use of space while decreasing handling and processing time.

Glass Edgework Capabilities

A type of edge with a semi-satin finish having a smooth even surface, without luster.

A ground edge with a semi-satin finish. A #2 edge is a modification of a #1 edge.

A ground edge with a semi-satin finish, allowing skips down the entire center of the edge.

A seamed edge with the original raw edge of the glass swiped on a seaming belt at a 45 degree angle, approximately .020" in width.

Surface is reflective in appearance similar to the major surface of glass.

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