Digital & Screen Printing

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Digital & Screen Printing

Customer requirements can include the application of identifying, aesthetic and/or functional elements to the surface of the glass. Paragon Tempered Glass has the ability to design and apply virtually any design, decorative, logo or text per customer specifications. Transferring your artwork or designs directly onto the glass. All printing is done with ceramic frit and is baked in or permanently fused into the glass surface during the tempering process. Ensuring the final product can withstand scratching, fading, and chemical damage.

Digital Printing

Paragon is now utilizing state of the art high speed digital printing technology to print directly to glass using our specially formulated ceramic inks. Noted in the glass community as the “Game-Changer”. Digital printing eliminates the cost for specialized tooling, and allows for limitless designs in the architectural and automotive markets.

Print speeds up to 8 seconds per square meter (Includes positioning/unloading).
Self cleaning & high flow rate ink recirculation system.
VDS technology - 7 levels of ink drop sizes for maximum speed and precision.
Min size = 330mm x 380mm; Max size = 1,219mm x 3,500mm

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the traditional means of apply the ceramic frit. Using various in-house press printing equipment, the glass is coated with ceramic frit.

Etching (Certification Marking)

Identifying information and marks can be incorporated physically into the surface of the glass using either sand, or laser, or ceramic printing techniques. Sand etching involves propelling fine grains of aluminum oxide or silicon carbide to etch the surface of the glass. Alternatively, laser etching uses a laser beam to burn the given design into the glass. Ceramic printing is typically done when printing the decorative or functional border. Printing also allows for a custom logo or marking when other means are not possible.

Various Printing Applications

  • Cabinetry
  • Backsplashes
  • Doors (interior & exterior panels)
  • Signage
  • Custom Logos
  • Simulated glass patterns
  • Wall Art
  • Stained glass replications
  • Automotive bonding applications
  • And much more!

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